Check the 2 inches Recessed LED Drywall Reveal with flange, which is a perfect choice for accent lighting in residential and business. Made of high-quality aluminium alloy material with an anodized silver surface treatment, anti-oxidation resistance, strong and durable, and a longer lifespan. It features a slim design that is easy to install and provides a clean, finished look. Can be recessed into the  5/8" drywalls in walls or ceilings easily, and sit flush with the surface to give a sleek appearance. The standard length is 1M and 2M and can be cut to any length. The inner width is 47mm and allows to install multi rows of Flexible Strip Lights as the light source, recommend adding high-density COB Strip Lights as the light source without visible light dots. there are 3 types of connectors and 3 types of couplers available, you can use them to reconnect the Aluminum Reveals and DIY shapes.


  • Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Anodized Silver
  • Colors: Silver, White, Black
  • Size: 98*18.5mm
  • Model: ALP083-R
  • Standard Length: 1Meter
  • Other Lengths Available: 1.5Meter, 2Meter, 2.5Meter, 3Meter
  • Custom Length Available: YES
  • Diffuser: PC Diffused Cover
  • Inner Width: 47mm
  • Allows The Max Width Of Flexible LED Strips To Be 47mm
  • Usage: Architectural Lighting
  • End Caps With Wire Hole/Without Wire Hole Included
  • 90° Inside/Outside Connectors And "L" Connectors Optional
  • Installation: Recessed Mounting / Plaster-In 5/8 Inch Drywall
  • 5 Years Warranty


1*LED Drywall Reveal With Diffuser

End Caps

LED Drywall Reveal Installation Recessed LED Drywall Reveal With Flange How To Install Recessed LED Drywall Reveal LED Drywall Reveal

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