Check the LED Matrix Array, which uses the high-quality 5050 RGB SMD LEDs as the light source, and each LED includes the WS2812B's IC for individually addressable. Each IC controls one LED and will work great with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, T-1000S, K-1000C, SP105E Controller, SP108E, and other Programmable LED Controllers to achieve hundreds of fantastic lighting effects. There are 62PCS LEDs on the LED Matrix Panel, 2LEDs/Rectangle, 12LEDs/Rectangle, 18LEDs/Rectangle, 30LEDs//Rectangle, and four rectangles that can work together or separately for your DIY project. The waterproof level is IP30 non-waterproof, only recommended to work indoors or in a dry location. Customers should have experience with them and know how to correctly solder the wires to the welding points.


  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • LED Type: 5050 RGB SMD LEDs
  • LED QTY: 62PCS
  • IC Type: Built-in WS2812B
  • IC QTY: 62PCS
  • Individually Addressable
  • Color Order: G R B
  • Colors: Full-Color 24-Bit
  • Grayscale Level: 256
  • Colors Of PCB Board: Black/White
  • Power: 0.3W/LED
  • Wavelength: Red: 650nm; Green: 520nm; Blue: 460nm
  • Waterproof Level: IP30 Non-Waterproof
  • Works With Raspberry Pi/Arduino/T-1000S/K-1000C/SP105E/SP108E/Colorful X2
  • 62LEDs: 2LEDs/Rectangle, 12LEDs/Rectangle, 18LEDs/Rectangle, 30LEDs/Rectangle, 4 Rectangle Can Work Together Or Separately
  • Working Temperature: -20℃-+50℃
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • 2 Years Warranty


1*WS2812B LED Matrix Array With 3Pin Male Connector

LED Matrix Headlights

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