the LED under car kit use 5mm LED as light source, the main material is black and flexible PVC, the kit includes 4pieces and two different lengths LED strips, 2piecs 90cm and 2PCS 120cm. users can change the lighting style via the RF mote. very easy install on the bottom of cars, connect to the power of the car.



  • Item NO: TY-CD004
  • Manufacturer: TYoung
  • Color: RGB
  • LED: F5 Straw Hat
  • LED Quantity: 252
  • Voltage: DC12V 
  • Power: 6W
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Material: Flexible black PVC
  • Beam Angle: 180°
  • Size: Width: 14mm; Thickness: 10mm
  • Length: 2*120CM+1*90CM
  • Certificate: CE, ROSH
  • Lifespan: 35000-50000hours


Display Modes:

A. button ON and OFF
B. mode button
    1. RGB full cycle 30 seconds
    2. RGB full cycle 15 seconds
    3. RGB full cycle 7 seconds
    4. Red ON
    5. Green ON
    6. Blue ON
    7. Red/Green ON
    8. Green/Blue ON
    9. Blue/Red ON
   10. Blue/Green ON
   11. Red/Green/Blue ON

How to install:

1. Lift the car with the elevator platform
2. Find the place you want to install, usually, 4 LED strips are enough around the car. Clearing up where to install
3. Drill a hole at the chassis along with near to the location of strips to be installed at 20-25cm intervals, if LED strips
can't are tied with cable ties at the location where to install strips.
4. Fix the strips on the chassis with cable ties after holes drilled
5. The power wire access can be 12V car power supply when installing. It can be controlled directly with our
wireless remote controller to be light on and off.
6. Lighting test
7. Installation completed  

2*120cm RGB LED Under Car Strips

2*90cm RGB LED Under Car Strips

1*RGB LED Controller


1*Gift box

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