The Ring LED Strip Lighting Channel, is made of 6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum material, there are four different diameter products available, you can choose the diameter in 600mm, 918.5mm, 1270mm or max 1746.5mm. the Ring LED Channel with a better anti-oxidation feature for a longer lifespan, the surface color has black and white available, you can choose the color you prefer. other colors customize. there is only one type of diffuser available, you only can choose the PMMA opal diffuser, which is made of brand material with stable quality, anti-yellowing, perfect light distribution and high light output, the couplers and the suspension wires included, you can install the 1/4 segment LED Profiles to a ring shape and fix them on the ceiling in your home, office or supermarket. the Circle LED Profiles are designed to accommodate the circular LED Modules, good ideal for modern luxury office designs, conference rooms, showrooms, meeting rooms, retail stores, schools, stores, shopping malls and hospitals. you can connect the LED Light to the power supply or LED dimmer to light up or adjust the brightness.


  • Mode: ALP25C-R
  • Material: 6063-T5 Aluminium Alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Silver Anodized
  • Diffuser: PMMA Opal Diffuser
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Compatible LED Strips: Customized Circular LED Modules
  • Max Power: <20W/Meter
  • Size: Diameter In 600mm, 900mm, 1270mm, 1800mm
  • Suspension Wires And Couplers Included
  • Installation: Ceiling Pendant
  • Applications: Office, Retail Stores, Supermarket, Shop
  • Ship As 1/4 Circle
  • LED Strips, LED Power Supply And LED Controllers Sold Separately
  • 5 Years Warranty


1*Ring LED Strip Light Channel And Diffuser

Suspension Wires


Ring LED Strip Lighting Channel Ring LED Channel How To Install The Ring LED Channel How To Install The Circle LED Profile

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