Check the SP301 Programmable LED Controller with four output channels designed and supports an SD Card. You can edit the animation file and store it in the SD Card. The SP301E Pixel Controller also built-in 99 kinds of internal built-in lighting patterns, and you can choose the various lighting effects for different scenes. The Programmable Controller supports a wide range of working voltage from DC5V to DC24V and must connect the GNDs. There are four buttons on the Controller; you can use them to choose the IC type, pattern setting, and speed setting. the SP301E Controller supports almost one-wire or two-wire LED Driver ICs like WS2812B, WS2811, SK6812, LPD8806, DMX512, etc.


  • Working Voltage: DC5-24V
  • Working Current: 18mA-77mA
  • Max Loading Numbers Of Pixels: 2048PCS
  • Output Signal: SPI
  • Lighting Effects: 99 Kinds + SD Card DIY Effects
  • Control Mode: Button Control
  • RGB Sequence: Upper Computer Adjustable
  • Support ICs: Common LED Driver ICs: WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2801, SM16703, SK6812, LPD8806, UCS1903, UCS9812, APA102, APA105, TM1804, TM1914, TM1913, P9812, INK1003, DMX512, etc
  • 4 Output Channels
  • LED Software: LedSense
  • Synchronous Function: Support Long DIstance Synchronous Mode Using Differential Signal
  • Working Temperature: -25℃-+85℃
  • 2 Years Warranty


1*SP301E Programmable LED Controller


1*User Manual

Program RGB LED Controller Program RGB LED Controller

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