Sale -44%

SP63CE RGBIC+Dual White Bluetooth LED Light Controller

The SP63CE Bluetooth LED Light Controller with SPI RGB + 2 channels PWM CCT design supports RGBIC+du..

$14.30 $7.99

Sale -24%

SP639E Bluetooth RGBW Smart LED Strip Light Controllers

The SP639E Bluetooth RGBW Smart LED Strip Light Controllers can work with 4-channel addressable RGBW..

$9.17 $6.99

Sale -45%

SP637E SPI LED Controller For CCT LED Strips With ICs Music Sync

Check the SP637E SPI LED Controller for Tunable White LED Strips with ICs, allowing to control 2 cha..

$12.80 $6.99

Sale -29%

SP636E Wireless SPI Light Dimmer For Programming LED String Lights Music Sync & APP Control

The SP636E Wireless SPI Light Dimmers are designed for single-color addressable LED Strips. It allow..

$9.87 $6.99

Sale -24%

SP630E SPI+PWM All In One Bluetooth Light Controller Music Sync

The SP630E Bluetooth LED Light Controller adopts SPI and PWM technology and can be compatible with r..

$14.50 $10.99

Sale -30%

SP617E RGBW Music Addressable WS2814 LED Controller By Sperll Bluetooth-Compatible

Check the Sperll SP617E WS2814 LED Controller, which is compatible with the RGBW 4-channel single-li..

$7.14 $4.99

Sale -14%

SP613E SP614E Bluetooth-Compatible Music IR Controller For RGB/RGBW LED Lights

Check the Sperll SP613E and SP614E Bluetooth-Compatible Music IR Controllers, the SP613E for RGB LED..

$8.17 $6.99

Sale -41%

SP801E WiFi Art-Net Pixel Smart LED Controller APP Controllable

The SP801E Smart LED Controller by Sperll is a powerful and versatile LED Controller that allows you..

$34.12 $19.99

Sale -63%

SP104E Mini Inline SPI LED Controller With 17 Keys RF Remote

The SP104E SPI LED Controller has an inline design, which comes with a female DC Connector and 3Pin ..

$13.50 $4.99

Sale -53%

SP106E Music Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller

Check the SP106E Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller, which is lightweight and has a small..

$12.80 $5.99

Sale -54%

SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller With Dual Output

The SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller is designed for common single-line ICs like WS2812B, WS2811,..

$15.30 $6.99

Sale -32%

SP301E SD Card Programmable LED Controller

Check the SP301 Programmable LED Controller with four output channels designed and supports an SD Ca..

$36.90 $25.00

Sale -35%

SP602E 4 Output Channels Bluetooth-Compatible Digital RGB Controller

Check the SP602E Digital RGB Controller, which has four output channels and four different lighting ..

$26.30 $16.99

Sale -26%

SP002E Inline Mini Pixel Light Controller

Check the SP002E Inline Mini Pixel Light Controller, which with a mini size and inline structure, is..

$6.71 $4.99

Sale -47%

SP103E Mini Inline Programmable RGB LED Controller

Check the SP103E Programmable RGB LED Controller, which with a mini size and inline design, comes wi..

$11.30 $5.99