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  • Brand: Ledbe
  • Product Code: WS2812B-5MM-5VDC

Check the WS2812B LED Strips with ultra-narrow size design and a width of only 5mm, and you can install them in a small and narrow location easily. The Flexible LED Strips use the San An 5050 SMD LEDs as the light source. 60PCS LED Strip Lamps mounted on the dual layer PCB board, flexible and bendable. The 5050 SMD LEDs built-in WS2812B IC for the individually addressable, low power consumption, better heat dissipation, and better light efficiency. With the one LED one-circuit design, every LED can be cut and reconnectable. The mini-cutting length is 1.6cm. The back has double-sided adhesive tape, and it is easy to remove the protector paper on the back and stick the WS281B LED Strips where you want to install them for the interior lighting projects. Both sides come with 3Pin SM Connectors, easy to connect to Pixel LED Controllers to achieve hundreds of amazing lighting effects like color-chasing, static, raindrop, fire, meteor, rhythm, etc. 256 brightness levels, and 24-bit color display. The LED Strips 2812B work on DC5V; to keep all the LEDs with the same brightness, we recommend adding 5V voltage every 5 meters.


  • Model: WS2812B-5MM-5VDC
  • Size: 5000*5*1.6mm(L*W*H)
  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • LED Brand: San An
  • LED Type: 5050 SMD LEDs
  • LED Quantity: 60LEDs/M
  • IC Type: WS2812B Built-in
  • IC Quantity: 60PCS/M
  • Colors Of PCB Board: Black/White
  • Colors: Dreamcolor RGB
  • Power: 18W/M
  • Mini Cutting Length: 1.6cm
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Dimmable: YES
  • Grayscale: 256 Levels
  • IP Rate: IP20 Non-waterproof
  • Back With Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Connectors: 3Pin SM
  • Recommended Controllers: SP801E, SP105E, SP106E, SP511E, etc
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • 2 Years Warranty


1*WS2812B LED Strips(5M/Reel)

WS2812 Flexible LED Strips

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