Sale -24%
led linear fixture

Surface Mounted LED Linear Fixtures With Magnets

Check the LED Linear Fixtures, the standard length is 1M and the max length can do 6M, can be cut to..

$9.14 $6.99

Sale -31%
wall light fixture channel

Surface Mounted Wall Light Fixture Channel View Angle Adjustable

Check the Wall Light Fixture Channel, which can be used for linear wall lighting for indoor decorati..

$8.67 $5.99

Sale -29%
Flexible Aluminum Silicone Channel Holder

Bendable Aluminum Channel Holder For Silicone Profiles 16.4FT

Check the Aluminum Channel Holders, which with hollow design, flexible and bendable. you can use the..

$8.47 $5.99

Sale -28%
low glare mounting channels

Trimless Recessed Low Glare Aluminum LED Strip Light Mounting Channels With Regressed Cover

Check the Trimless Recessed LED Strip Light Mounting Channels, which can be used for ceiling-to-wall..

$12.40 $8.99

Sale -28%
led strip light fixtures with single flange for drywall

Recessed LED Strip Light Fixtures With Single Flange For 5/8" Drywall

Check the LED Strip Light Fixtures with single flange, which easily can be recessed into the wall or..

$9.67 $6.99

Sale -23%
Recessed Light Strip Channel

12mm Deep Recessed Light Strip Channel With Flange For Wall Lighting

Check the 12mm Deep lightweight recessed Light Strip Channel with flanges, which can be recessed int..

$6.47 $4.99

Sale -29%
Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffuser

18.5mm Recessed Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffuser Connectable

Check the Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffusers, the width is only 18.5mm and can be recessed into the c..

$8.47 $5.99

Sale -61%
LS30 LED Lighting Modules

LED Lighting Module For LS30 Series Light Channels

The Rigid LED Lighting Modules are specially designed for LS30 Light Channels, which you can use for..

$12.70 $4.99

Sale -37%
Plastic LED Channel

Clear Plastic LED Channel For Strip Lights

Check the Clear Plastic LED Channels, which are designed for the low voltage waterproof SMD LED Stri..

$3.14 $1.99

Sale -25%
LED Strip Light Diffuser Cover

Bendable Waterproof Silicone LED Strip Light Cover 16.4FT

Check the LED Strip Light Covers, which are made of silicone material, flexible and bendable, 16.4FT..

$22.70 $16.99

Sale -34%
Mini Anti-Glare Light Strip Diffuser With Channel

Mini Anti-Glare Light Strip Diffuser With Channel

Check the Mini Anti-glare Light Strip Diffuser with Channels, both sides with flange and can be rece..

$16.70 $10.99

Sale -24%
1 Inch Anti Glare LEDstrip Diffuser

Pendant 1 Inch Anti Glare LEDstrip Diffusers

Check the 1 Inch LEDStrip Diffusers and Aluminum Channels, which have 3 types of reflectors for anti..

$18.30 $13.99

Sale -31%
Indoor DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Indoor DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Check the DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures, which can be installed on the ceiling for the indoor..

$57.80 $39.99

Sale -30%
LED Wall Light Channel

Surface Mounting LED Wall Light Channel

Check the LED Wall Light Channels, which allow you to create stunning modern lighting on the wall, s..

$15.70 $10.99

Sale -27%
Recessed Light Housing

Recessed Light Fixture Housing For Drywall Use

Check the Recessed Light Fixture Housing, which can be recessed into the 12.5mm plasterboard or dryw..

$8.16 $5.99