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WS2811 Addressable LED Controller

WS2811 Addressable LED Controller

Check the Addressable LED Controllers, which are designed for LED Products use the LPD series, UCS s..

$19.90 $11.00

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wifi 24v rgbw led strip controller

WiFi Bluetooth-Compatible MiBoxer FUT038W 24V RGBW LED Strip Controller

Check the MIBoxer FUT038W 24V RGBW Controller, which with WiFi and Bluetooth-Compatible dual-module ..

$28.30 $15.90

Sale -38%
SP801E Pixel LED Controller

SP801E WiFi Art-Net Pixel Smart LED Controller APP Controllable

Check the SP801E Smart LED Controllers By Sperll is a powerful and versatile LED Controller that all..

$34.12 $20.99

Sale -37%
SP608E WS2812B Controller

SP608E Addressable RGB LED Controller With 8 Output Channels

Check the SP608E Addressable RGB LED Controller, which with 8 output channels and max loading number..

$53.70 $33.60

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SP602E LED Strip Controller

SP602E 4 Output Channels Bluetooth-Compatible Digital RGB Controller

Check the SP602E Digital RGB Controller, which with 4 output channels and supports 4 different light..

$26.30 $16.99

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SP601E Controller APP

SP601E Bluetooth-Compatible Light Controller For Addressable LED Stripes

Check the SP601E Bluetooth-Compatible Light Controller, which is designed for the Addressable COB LE..

$18.80 $9.20

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SP511E WS2811 WiFi Music Controller

SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller With Dual Output

Check the SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller, which is designed for the common single-line ICs like..

$15.30 $6.99

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SP110E Bluetooth Pixel Light Controller

SP110E Bluetooth-Compatible Mini Pixel LED Light Controller

Check the SP110E Bluetooth-Compatible Mini Pixel LED Light Controller, which is designed for the Pix..

$12.90 $5.74

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SP104E Addressable LED Controller

SP104E Mini Inline SPI LED Controller With 17 Keys RF Remote

Check the SP104E SPI LED Controller, which with inline design and comes with a female DC Connector a..

$13.50 $4.99

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DMX512 RDM LED Decoder

RDM DMX 512 Decoder For RGBW/RGB/CCT/Single Color

Check the RDA DMX 512 Decoder, which is designed for all kinds of constant voltage LED Lights, the w..

$25.40 $16.60

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rf led controller

Mini Inline LED RGB Strip RF Controller With 21Keys Remote Control

Check the LED RGB Strip RF Controller, which with mini size and inline design, you can install them ..

$7.34 $3.99

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MiBoxer ZB-Box1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

MiBoxer ZB-BOX1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

Check the MiBoxer ZB-BOX1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway, which is compatible with MiBoxer Zigbee 3.0 series pro..

$25.30 $16.30

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dmx lights controller

MiBoxer X5 RGB+CCT DMX Light Controller

Check the MiBoxer X5 RGB+CCT DMX Light Controller, which with standard European 86-type structure, e..

$45.30 $23.00

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MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof 5-In-1 WiFi Controller

MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof 5-In-1 RGB WiFi Controller

Check the MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof RGB WiFi Controller, with 5-in-1 function design, the waterproof..

$45.80 $32.00

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MiBoxer WL5 WiFi LED Controller

MiBoxer WL5 5 In 1 Home Assistant WiFi LED Controller

Check the MiBoxer WL 5 In 1 WiFi LED Controller is an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile..

$35.20 $21.30