DC5V USB TV LED Backlight Strips

TV LED backlight strips with USB port, working in DC5V, can connect to the USB port on your TV, the ..


5050 72LED 12V LED Strip

5050 72LED 12V LED strip, working in DC12V, 24V available, the flexible LED strips use 5050 SMD LEDs..


3528 TV Backlight Strip Kit

Single color TV backlight strip kit, use high quality 3528 single color SMD LEDs as light source, 30..


Single Color Constant Current LED Dimmable Driver

Features:Working Temperature: 220-60℃Input Voltage: AC90-265VInput Voltage: DC12-42VOutput Current: ..


Sale -55%

Mini LED Wifi Light Controller

Mini LED wifi light controller is the newest LED controller with wifi function, it supports Android ..

$42.00 $18.99

Sale -33%

LED Wifi Controller With Remote

LED wifi controller with remote, working in DC12V or DC24V, max output 288watts, this new LED contro..

$39.90 $26.80

Sale -33%

DC5V WIFI LED Controller

this WIFI LED controller can be used as master controller, working in DC5V, support multi-zones cont..

$29.90 $19.90

DC12V Dimmer Switch For LED

DC12 dimmer switch for LED, adopt the advanced PWM  digital dimming technology, can work in DC1..


Sinlge Color Mini LED Strip Amplifier

This mini amplifier can be used for single color LED strips, output one channel, max output current ..


Single Color LED Strip Controller 12V 72W

Single color LED strip controller, can working in DC12V, DC5V and DC24V, the default working in DC12..


Sale -57%

Single Color LED Mini Dimmer With DC Connector

LED mini dimmer with male and female DC connector, works with single color LED strips, one output ch..

$4.58 $1.99

Single Color LED Light Dimmer 12V 72W

This mini size LED light dimmer can work with single color flexible LED strips and rigid LED strip l..


Sale -60%

RF Mini RGB LED Controller

This mini RGB LED controller can working in DC12V or DC24V, output 3 channels, each channel max outp..

$7.44 $2.99

Mini RGB LED Amplifier

This mini RGB LED amplifier, output 3 channels, max output of each channel is 2amps, can working in ..


LED Strip Mini Amplifier DC12V 72W

Mini LED amplifier, can work with 3528 RGB LED strips and 5050 color changing flexible LED strips, c..