Sale -27%

APP Control 20M RGBIC LED Strip Light Kits

Check the RGBIC LED Strip Light Kits, you can choose the 5M, 10M, 15M and max 20M versions for your ..

$27.30 $19.90

Sale -25%

DC5V WS2812B Dreamcolor RGB Decorative Light Kit With USB Port

Check the WS2812B Decorative Light Kit, SP611E Controller and remote control are included and attach..

$15.30 $11.40

Sale -18%

AC220V High Voltage COB LED Strip Lights

Check the High Voltage AC220V COB LED Strip Lights, which use the high-quality San An 1015 LED Chips..

$25.90 $21.30

Sale -26%

Side Emitting White COB LED Strips 24V

Check the Side Emitting COB LED Strips, which have a COB luminous surface, the light is evenly and s..

$13.70 $10.20

Sale -27%

Flexible Pixel RGB LED Matrix Display Panel

Check the Flexible Pixel RGB LED Matrix Display Panel, which can be controlled by the mobile APP thr..

$38.10 $27.65

Sale -29%

3MM 12VDC SMD 3014 LED Strips Dimmable

Check the 3014 SMD LED Strips, 90PCS SMD LEDs mounted on the one-meter dual-layer PCB board, flexibl..

$22.40 $16.00

Sale -30%

Smart RGBIC Music Corner RGBW Light Bar For Ambient Lighting

Check the Smart RGBIC Music Corner RGBW Light Bar, which can be used for ambient lighting or decorat..

$57.30 $39.90

Sale -34%

Mini Anti-Glare Light Strip Diffuser With Channel

Check the Mini Anti-glare Light Strip Diffuser with Channels, both sides with flange and can be rece..

$16.70 $10.99

Sale -24%

Pendant 1 Inch Anti Glare LEDstrip Diffusers

Check the 1 Inch LEDStrip Diffusers and Aluminum Channels, which have 3 types of reflectors for anti..

$18.30 $13.99

Sale -27%

2/3/4/5/6 Pins Solderless Mini SMD LED Strip Connectors

Check the Solderless Mini SMD LED Strip Connectors, there are various width products available, you ..

$8.16 $5.99

Sale -29%

2P 4P COB LED Tape Light Connectors

Check the COB LED Tape Light Connector Kits, you can choose them to reconnect the COB LED Tapes toge..

$8.41 $5.99

Sale -31%

Indoor DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Check the DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures, which can be installed on the ceiling for the indoor..

$57.80 $39.99

Sale -30%

Surface Mounting LED Wall Light Channel

Check the LED Wall Light Channels, which allow you to create stunning modern lighting on the wall, s..

$15.70 $10.99

Sale -27%

Recessed Light Fixture Housing For Drywall Use

Check the Recessed Light Fixture Housing, which can be recessed into the 12.5mm plasterboard or dryw..

$8.16 $5.99

Sale -40%

Recessed Drywall LED Light Housing For 12.5mm Outside Corner

Check the LED Light Housing with flange, which with a slim and low profile design, can be recessed i..

$10.06 $5.99