Sale -32%

Mini Wall LED Strip Lighting Extrusion With Up Down Lighting Design

Check the mini wall LED Strip Lighting Extrusion, which with up and down lighting design, you can in..

$13.20 $8.99

Sale -20%

ALP183 Curving LED Wall Wash Channel

Check the Curving LED Wall Wash Channels,  which can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall as a..

$23.70 $18.99

Sale -21%

LED Edge Lighting Channel For Stair Handrail Lighting

Check the LED Edge Lighting Channels for stair handrail lighting, with up and down light design..

$46.78 $36.99

Sale -47%

Recessed LED Lighting Channel For 8mm/10mm Tile Edge

Check the Recessed LED Lighting Channels with flange, which can be trimless recessed for 8mm or 10mm..

$15.10 $7.99

Sale -31%

Plaster-In LED Strip Recessed Channel For Wall Washer

Check the Plaster-in LED Strip Recessed Channels, both of the flanges with holes, easy to plaster in..

$17.30 $11.99

Sale -46%

Drywall LED Strip Opal Diffuser Profile

Check the Drywall LED Strip Opal Diffuser Profiles, which are made of high-quality 6063-T5 aluminum ..

$26.10 $13.99

Sale -33%

360° T36 Round 36mm Suspended Profile Light

Check the 36mm round Suspended Profile Lights, which can install 3 groups of LED Strip Lights to all..

$25.30 $16.99

Sale -31%

Pendant 4 Inches LED Strip Track Diffuser For Main Lighting

Check the 4 inches LED Strip Track Diffuser, the width is 100mm and the inner width is 69.5mm, allow..

$62.40 $43.00

Sale -29%

3 Inches Aluminium Track For LED Strip With 20mm Dropped Cover

Check the 3 inches Aluminium Tracks come with a 20mm dropped cover, which is made of imported brand ..

$56.10 $39.90

Sale -29%

3 Inches Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium For Pendant Light

Check the 3 inches width square Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium, which is a 75mm width Aluminum..

$52.70 $37.30

Sale -32%

2 Inches Pendant LED Strip Light Channel And Diffuser

Check the 2 inches Pendant LED Strip Light Channel and Diffuser, which with a 20mm dropped lens, all..

$45.70 $30.99

Sale -27%

Aluminum U Channel For LED Strips With 20mm Dropped Diffuser

Check the Aluminum U Channel for LED Strips, which with a 20mm dropped diffuser for the smooth light..

$35.40 $25.99

Sale -14%

25MM Shelf Board Strip Light Housing with Up Down Lighting Design

Check the Strip Light Housing, which with Up down light design, you can fix on the 25mm shelf board...

$9.27 $7.99

Sale -38%

Up And Down Black LED Profil Aluminium For Step Light

Check the Black LED Profil Aluminium, which with up and down lighting design, which you can use for ..

$23.70 $14.60

Sale -40%

39MM Recessed Rope Light Channel For Ceiling

Check the 39mm Recessed Rope Light Channels, which allow to recessed into the ceiling or wall for in..

$25.10 $14.99