Check the RGB SMD LED Chips, which are built-in WS2812B IC. You can use them to replace the broken L..


WiFi WS2812B TV Ambient Light Kit Supports Music & Voice

Check the Ambient Light Kit For HDMI-compatible 4K TVs; various length products are available for th..


Waterproof SMD 5050 LED Module With Metal Shell 20PCS/String

Check the Waterproof SMD 5050 LED Modules, with the super-slim square shape and metal base, uses 4PC..


Waterproof Silicone Low Profile Flexible LED Channel 5M/Reel

The Flat Low Profile Flexible LED Channel, which with ultra-thin size and allows it to be installed ..


Waterproof Silicone Bendable LED Channel 5M/Reel

The Bendable LED Channel is a great choice for those looking to add a modern touch to their home dec..


Waterproof PVC Plastic LED Strip Light Channels

The Waterproof Plastic LED Strip Light Channels, made of high-quality PVC material, are water-resist..


Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Diffuser

The Waterproof LED Strip Diffuser, which with a side view, flexible and bendable, and can be bent an..


Waterproof Corner LED Channels For Bathroom Niche Lighting

The Waterproof LED Light Channels are designed to be installed in the corners of bathroom niches, pr..


Waterproof 12V LED Strip Modules With Diffuser

Check the LED Strip Modules, which come with a diffuser for the wide beam angle and do not show visi..


Wall Mounted Aluminum Profile For Indirect Light Upwards

The Aluminium Profile For Indirect Lighting Uptowards is designed to provide indirect lighting that ..


V Shape LED Corner Profiles For Under Cabinet Lighting

The V shape LED Corner Profiles are a great way to add lighting to kitchens or under cabinets, desig..


Ultra Slim 3MM 12V Strip LED COB Dot Free UL Listed

Check the ultra-slim Strip LED COB, a width of only 3mm/4.5mm, suitable for narrow applications like..


U Shape LED Lights Profile With Square Diffuser

The U-shaped LED Lights Profile with a square diffuser provides a bright and stylish look. It is des..


Tunable White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

The Tunable White COB LED Strips work on 24VDC and allow the color temperature to be adjusted from 3..


Trimless Recessed Tape Light Channel For Marble Tile

The Tape Light Channel with a single flange is the perfect choice for lighting up marble tile, desig..


Trimless Recessed Plaster-in LED System

The Trimless Recessed Plaster-in LED System is an innovative lighting system that provides a sleek, ..


Trimless Recessed Low Glare Shadow Line LED Channels

The trimless recessed Shadow Line LED Channels with low glare design ensure that the Ceiling Perimet..


Trimless Recessed LED Tape Profile For Tile

The Trimless Recessed LED Tape Profile For Tile, which is easy to recess into the 10mm marble or til..


Trimless Recessed LED Light Profile For Dry Wall

The Trimless Recessed LED Light Profiles, which can be recessed into a 12.5mm plasterboard or drywal..


Trimless LED Strip Light Extrusion With Round Cover For Drywall

The Trimless LED Strip Light Extrusion with flange is a great way to add line light for any space in..


Trimless Drywall Light Diffuser For LED Strips

The Light Diffuser For LED Strip is an excellent option for achieving upward architectural lighting...


Trimless Aluminum Wall Skirting Board LED Channel

The Trimless Aluminum Wall Skirting Board LED Channels, which can be recessed into 12.5mm drywall, c..


Tile Inside Corner Recessed LED Linear Light Profile

The Inside Corner Recessed LED Linear Light Profiles are a great way to add a decorative and modern ..


Tile Edge Recessed LED Lighting Channel For Staircase Lighting

Check the Recessed LED Lighting Channels with flange, which can be flush mounted with 8mm or 10mm th..


T5-B8.4D 5050 1SMD LED Lights Automotive

LED lights automotive use one piece 5050 SMD LED as light source, working in DC12V, wide view angle ..