21-34W Wireless Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver

Check the Wireless Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver, with the DIP switch for current setting: 50..


2.4G RF CCT Dimmable LED Power Supply

Check the CCT Dimmable LED Power Supply, various working current switchable, and you can choose..


40-60W Dimmable Constant Current LED Driver

Check the Dimmable Constant Current LED Driver, and you can choose the various rated current product..


40-60W RF 2.4G CCT LED Dimming Driver

The 2.4G RF CCT LED Dimming Drivers are a perfect choice for constant current Tunable White LED Ligh..


2.4G AC90V-265V Sync Control Wireless Dimmable LED Driver

Check the Dimmable LED Driver, with isolated power supply design, adopts PWM technology, high effici..


4 In 1 DC12-48V Constant Current RF LED Controller

Check the constant current RF LED Controller, which with 4 in 1 function design, you can use as a di..


576W Hoion DLV003-BLE Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless RF LED Controller

The Hoion DLV003-BLE Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless RF LED Controller is an excellent choice for controllin..


2048 Pixels Wireless Addressable LED Strip Controller

Check the Wireless Addressable LED Strip Controllers for Magic Dream Color LED Strips. the working v..


13-38W 2.4G RF CCT Dimmable Transformers For LED Lights

Check the CCT Dimmable Transformers, which is designed for the constant current CW+WW LED Lights, LE..


2.4G Wireless Constant Current LED Dimmable Transformer

Check the 2.4G Wireless Constant Current LED Dimmable Transformer, with isolated power supply design..


DC12V 24V 30A RGB LED Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Amplifier, which can compatible with all our RGB LED Controller, adopts the PWM co..


DC12V 360W RGB LED Strip Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Strip Amplifier, with the metal shell design for better heat dissipation, working ..


RGBW LED Repeater 12V 384W

The RGBW LED Repeater is the constant working voltage product, working in DC12V or DC24V, can work w..


Single Color LED Booster 12V 300W

The Single Color LED Booster with the constant voltage design can work with all kinds of constant vo..


LED Sound Activated Controller 144W

Check the LED Sound Activated Controller comes with the 18 keys Wireless RF Remote Control. 14 worki..


RGBW Strip Light Music Controller

Check the RGBW Strip Light Music Controller, which adopts the advanced PWM Pulse Width Modulation di..


384W 4CHs Wireless Sync LED Controller For DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW

Check the Wireless Sync LED Controller, which adopts the most advanced PWM digital control technolog..


2.4G 12V PWM Light Dimmer With WIFI Control

Check the 2.4G Light Dimmer with WIFI control function, the WIFI technology powered by Tuya, and you..


Smart TUYA WIFI LED Controller With Voice Control

Check the TUYA series WIFI LED Controller for DIM, CCT, RGB or RGBW, the LED Controllers adopt the m..


12-24V 360W WiFi RGB LED Controller

Check the WIFI RGB LED Controller, which with the WIFI Control function powered by Tuya, allows the ..


384W RGBW LED Strip WIFI Controller With 2.4G Remote Control

Check the RGBW LED Strip WiFi Controller, which with the WiFi function by Tuya, allows the LED Contr..


360W RGB Controller With 24 Keys RF Remote Control

Check the 5V RGB Controller with the 24 Keys RF Remote, which designed for the constant voltage LED ..


RGB/RGBW 2 In 1 LED Controller 12V With Touch RF Remote Control

Check the RF Wireless RGB RGBW 2 IN 1 LED Controller 12V, which comes with the Wireless LED Touch Re..


DC5V-24V 384W LED Music Controller For RGB/RGBW

The RGB/RGBW 2 IN 1 LED Music Controller has 3 music control modes available: Sound Control I(Fast T..


2.4G RF Dimming LED Driver Constant Current

The Dimming LED Driver Constant Current, which has an isolated power supply design, is Protected fro..